Our logo holds a Gorilla footprint circled with a crescent moon. This represents our core values of taking training back to basics to make best use of our natural abilities and movements. The Gorilla holds one of the strongest physical make ups on the planet and yet has the ability to effortlessly climb and move between trees and across mountains. It is a fine physical specimen to aspire to coupled with our human intelligence we can achieve great things. The crescent moon refers back to our Moto, “Choose to go to the Moon”. In 1962 JFK made a speech to the American people in which he referred to the space race and the reasons why America felt it important to conquer space travel. In that speech many of the reasons he made stand true in this world. In the reasons why people take on the challenge of the rumble events. The reasons why people train hard and to push on to another level. Many of the reasons he gave outline the same beliefs we have and aim to empower our members with.


At Rumble Fitness we believe that you need a varied workout routine and you can benefit from several styles of training and therefore we mix our training venues to ensure that each person works with the facilities needed for their individual specificity and goals.


This is our very own headquarters. Purpose built for functional training and filled with equipment such as sledgehammers, aerial rigs, ropes and much more this facility offers us the best of functional training and an ability to combine it with strength conditioning.


We have our very own private obstacle training centre complete with combi-rigs, walls, vaults, traverses and more. Access all year round with opportunities for training, race preparation or even a short course time trial.


Depending on your training goals you may require more space and varied natural terrain to train on. We are blessed in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas with well kept parkland, woodlands and lakes to adapt your outdoor training too.


Kent’s Hill Park Health club has great state of the art facilities and offers the opportunity to make the best of free weights, resistance machines and cardiovascular equipment in a brilliant environment full of like minded people.