Sports Massage is aimed at helping recovery and preparation for sports, rehabilitation after injury and muscle and joint dysfunction.

Sports massage is just one way of improving these areas though and our Sports Massage Therapist (SMT) can help you find the best solution to your problems with the most suitable technique for you.


Our SMT team work from a private treatment room on our Rumble Fitness Barn site and put your comfort at the forefront of their minds. We also have flexible treatment times to fit in with your needs.


Many people don’t realise that muscle and joint dysfunction can be caused not just through sport and exercise but also from our day to day goings on. Poor posture and extended periods of time in stressful positions can cause aches and pains along with restricted mobility etc. We offer a full assessment looking into these potential scenarios and look to help improve this over time along with setting action plans that can help to relieve pain and strengthen muscles and joints.

Sports Injuries can be frustrating and get in the way of training progress or competitions. We believe that prevention is better than cure and offer a great package of maintenance massages built to focus on areas that you require assistance with and look to improve your health by encouraging the flushing of toxins from your body alongside increasing mobility and stability of joints. The benefits to your health, training and performance with Sports Massage Therapy playing an important role in your routine will surely see you living a better, healthier life and exceed the training limitations and competition performances that have held you back before.


Treatments Include:

  • Postural assessment

  • Muscle and Joint Dysfunction rehabilitation

  • Maintenance Massage

  • Pre and post event massage

  • Assisted stretching and mobility

  • Hire available for events or sports teams



From £25Per Hour
  • POA