We provide training and conditioning in a revolutionary way that can help build confidence and mental toughness as well as physical improvements to strength, body composition and similar.


Common questions are:

I have existing injuries2017-05-22T17:49:59+00:00

All sessions are tailored to your own needs and abilities

I’m not fit enough2017-05-22T17:49:31+00:00

All our members have a range of fitness, from first-steps to marathon runners

I’m too old?2017-05-22T17:46:11+00:00

Our members range from 15 – 65.


For those who missed it here is a video from the brilliant Turner Videos of our latest Ninja Training day.

Get in touch today to look into our next big thing in OCR...our OCR Weekend of training, fun and obstacles on April 26th.

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5 days ago

Rumble Fitness and Sports Therapy Centre

Here is episode 2 of the 2019 Nuts Challenge Documentary, this time based around Fear and Fear of Failure in particular.

This episode aims to go some way as to explaining how a different approach to Fear can hep to see it as a positive and prepare you mentally and physically for any challenge ahead of you. 4 key requirements, 7 key steps, and 1 positive outcome.

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Just a heads for all of our guests visiting tomorrow for the Junior Development Programme Training Day. Cant wait to get started.

Just a quick one regarding getting to the barn on Sunday. The postcode can sometimes be weird on satnav so it is best to follow these
Head to The Betsy Wynne Pub in Swanbourne, the address is as follows.

21 Mursley Road, Swanbourne, MK17 0SH.

When there, with the pub on your right hand side head on up the road around 500m. You will see what looks like a building site on the right hand side just before the end of the road and an opening to a field opposite on the left next to a small cottage. Park in that field.

Once parked cross the road and proceed down the alley between the new build Houses and the old Stone cottage. Follow the path down. We are the first large barn as you make your way down the path.

Any problems call Dave from Rumble Fitness directly on 07769 351968".

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Set up complete for this weekends shenanigans, documentary episode 2 to be released tomorrow and back to it with the OCR Juniors as well this Sunday. Cant wait 👍💪😁 ...

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Its not just the boys that are crazy strong out of the juniors either...the girls are just as impressive 👍👌💪🐒

#ocrjuniors #jdp #rumblekids #grippy #obstacles #ocrtraining #obstacletraining #ocruk #ninjas #ninjawarrior

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