We provide training and conditioning in a revolutionary way that can help build confidence and mental toughness as well as physical improvements to strength, body composition and similar.


Common questions are:

I have existing injuries2017-05-22T17:49:59+01:00

All sessions are tailored to your own needs and abilities

I’m not fit enough2017-05-22T17:49:31+01:00

All our members have a range of fitness, from first-steps to marathon runners

I’m too old?2017-05-22T17:46:11+01:00

Our members range from 15 – 65.


Wednesday 6 30pm Class

For this class you will need to try and find a weight (ideally a kettlebell but alternatives are available).

Warm up with dynamic stretches and a heart raiser. Following this complete the following accumlating circuit. You will start with 2 exercises. Each round you will add the next exercise to the circuit until you reach the 10 exercises (if you reach them). Once you do complete the 10 exercise circuit for the reminder of time.

Starting with the below.

Round 1:

20x Swings (or weighted Glute bridge /deadlift)
10x Push Ups

Round 2:
20x Swings (or weighted Glute bridge /deadlift)
10x Push Ups
+ 20x Weighted lunges

Round 3:
20x Swings (or weighted Glute bridge /deadlift)
10x Push Ups
20x Weighted Lunges
+ 10x Back Extension

Round 4:
+ 20x Toe Tapping Crunches

Round 5:
+ 10x KB Cleans each side (or high pulls)

Round 6:
+ 20x Weighted Squats

Round 7:
+ 10x Overhead Press

Round 8:
+ 20x Russian Twist

Round 9:
+ 10x Burpees

Round 10: Rounds of complete circuit

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4 years ago yesterday this was Rumble Fitness. 1 small barn converted into a fitness studio with a single rig.

Now we have a full training centre, indoor and outdoor obstacles, a sports therapy/physiotherapy room, toilet and shower, outoor bootcamp zone and private parking.

This has all come with a lot of hard work and sacrifice but also support and lotalty of members, customers and staff. Its important to keep looking forwards as we always will...but its also important to know where you have come from and we will always be grateful to those who have supported our growth to this point.

Thank you all.

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Tuesday 6.30pm class

Use the heat as a perfect reason to keep the intensity low on this one.

Get out and run for 45mins easy pace. At the end spend 15mins working on some core exercises in simple straight sets.

Leg Raises
Russian twist
Back extension
Glute bridge
Clam shells
Shoulder taps

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Tuesday 6.30am Class

After a dynamic warm up gp through the list. Superset your choice of an exercise from the A list with any exercise from the B list. Super set according to the reps numbers written and complete as many rounds as you can in 10mins. Then choose a new A exercise and B exercise and repeat 3 more times with different choices. Total workout 40mins.

A List - 10 reps per set
Push ups
Sit ups
Back extension
Rolling deck squats

B list - 40 reps
Mountain climbers
Squat thrusts
Shoulder taps
Russian Twist
Jumping jacks
Plank jacks
Bear squats

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Piece by piece we are getting there with the new strength and bootcamp zone. #makingprogress #functionalstrength #fitnesslovers #strengthandconditioning #ocrtrainers #obstaclecourseracing #ocr #ukocr ...

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