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All sessions are tailored to your own needs and abilities

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All our members have a range of fitness, from first-steps to marathon runners

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Our members range from 15 – 65.


10 hours ago

Rumble Fitness and Sports Therapy Centre

Another exercise that really highlights where our strengths lie as trainers. We have based our OCR coaching on a European style of OCR, Survival Running. One obstacle that can not be ignored in this case is the rope traverse...here are a few tips for training for a solid Rope Traverse.


Rumble Fitness and Sports Therapy Centre
As the Obstacle Course Racing runs into the winter season many participants will move their training indoors and away from indoor training centres like ourselves a lot of their training will be done in gyms and home gyms.

We have created a series of #RumbleHacks videos that can help you to make your training specific to the obstacles you are looking to overcome.

Here is our advice for working on your rope traversing strength training through the winter months ready to smash next years races.

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Nice post this which will help those who have asked us in the past couple of days. Methods of training vary across OCR (much like most fitness and sports areas) and the simplest example is the variation of thinking in training between ourselves and The team at the PT Barn when it comes to the "off season".

That said you can see that neither approach attitude to injury differently. Creating a base level of strength and conditioning is important as is your rest and recovery phases in training.

This is why we encourage you to develop new skills outside of your particularly heavy workloads in the build up to your peak races minimising your risks of injury through poor technique when fatigued and at times that you have no time for injury recovery.

Whichever way you go about training and looking after your body its important to factor it in to your training schedule. We have our team Physio assess our athletes prior to and during their training programmes and utilise them to enhance recovery during those phases in training also. Constant assessment will help you stay ahead of the fatigue and injury.

Our lead coach is also Sports Massage Therapy qualified which can help you to recover from and prepare for exercise. Get in touch to see how you can benefit from guided coaching, physiotherapy or sports massage.

The P.T Barn
Obstacles are easy...

If you have the Conditioning to complete the skills.

We have been involved in modern OCR from the start which has meant that alongside other coaches we were able to create skills and drills to make obstacles easier.

But not just anyone can be taught a skill!

It is important that you have the Strength and Conditioning to learn and devlop the skill.

There is no point getting mid way through the season and not being strong enough to learn or develop a skill.

Your winter training is perfect for this but that isn't to say that you don't do any technical work.

Make sure you basics are perfect!

A lot of the reason people struggle with complex techniques (away from not being strong enough) is because their basics are not good enough.

Understanding the basic movement patterns is crucial and enables you to be more efficient through the skills that should be easier so that when you need to bring out your A Game you have more to give.

Also, working on basic skills is kinder for the body. Recovery plays an important part of any training routine and is often forgotten. OCR is TOUGH on the body, esspeically the joints and muscles involved in technical skills. Complex Skills take their toll and you need to look after your body.

Training is all about peaking at the right time!

Make sure at the end of each training block you are ready for the next.

Go back to the bit at the start... 'Obstacles are Easy'. It is true...skills will be picked up quicker if you are fitter, stronger and not injured.

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Yesterday saw us put in the final Obstacle of our proving grounds time trial course...so....question is...who thinks they have what it takes to run the fastest lap?

We will soon be hosting a FREE time trial to get some times up on the board...so if your serious about your competitive racing...get in touch and come along and post your time.

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1 day ago

Rumble Fitness and Sports Therapy Centre

Struggling with the Ninja Rings for reach and range? Try this tip we put out back in Sept 2018.


Rumble Fitness and Sports Therapy Centre
#RumbleHacks video - Ninja Rings Here is another Hack for those struggle to breach the gap between bars on the "ninja rings". RumbleHacks can be found on Instagram and our YouTube channel - Rumble Fitness.

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Here is some raw footage from our last Rumble Racing training day this weekend. There is a lot to be said about keeping on top of technique and endurance while in the off season. We reduce our coaching hours but make sure our team stays technically rehearsed. Skill is something that requires hours of practice to refine and strength something that builds over long periods of time.

We believe in a balanced approach to training throughout the year inclusive of programmed S&C, core, stability, functional movement and running. This is all on top of drill work to further enhance the technical ability. We play with the volume in peoples training of each principle to reflect the race season, but we dont feel there is any area of your training you should be neglecting at any stage.

Learning new skills, no better time then when you out of race season. You have a lot more time to refine the key components and more specifically make sure that you are doing them safely.

There are too many trainers and athletes out there taking on skills that they SEE and so believe they know what they are doing. You need to understand the fine details of skill in order to perform it properly...ask yourself this...would you be comfortable flying a plane because you have seen someone else doing it? Or would you want to be taught the ins and outs of doing so before...

Our advice...take coaching from people who know these fundamentals because they created it or have the coaching to deliver it.

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