We provide training and conditioning in a revolutionary way that can help build confidence and mental toughness as well as physical improvements to strength, body composition and similar.


Common questions are:

I have existing injuries2017-05-22T17:49:59+01:00

All sessions are tailored to your own needs and abilities

I’m not fit enough2017-05-22T17:49:31+01:00

All our members have a range of fitness, from first-steps to marathon runners

I’m too old?2017-05-22T17:46:11+01:00

Our members range from 15 – 65.


Looking forward to tomorrow's grading assessments for those in our OCR Academy. First grades awarded tomorrow for a new era in OCR Training.

Athletes are enrolled and have been training, let's see who progresses through their grades tomorrow!

Find out how you can start your Graded OCR Journey at the UK's first OCR Academy here at Rumble Fitness. Think Martial Arts for Obstacle Racers 💪🦍

Lead coach and Sport Scientist (Bsc) Dave Peters has created a totally unique and scientific approach to assessment for athletes to mark out there path to success as an OCR Athlete, so whether you are a fun runner looking to improve or a racer looking for top end results this is the formula to success.

We have been developing this system for 3 years and finally it is ready for you to take it on. Using data from over 500 OCR Training sessions and assessments our grading system acts as a marker for improvement as an athlete assesses there progress, knowledge and physical ability against a criteria aimed at their training level. OCR is changing in the world and this is one of the steps to ensuring that you keep pace. No more one off courses. No more 6 weeks to success BS. Education, guided multi-facet approach to coaching and Scientific assessment will ensure that you are constantly on the path to success.

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Thursday 6.30am Class

After following a sound warm up inclusive of dynamic stretching and heart raisers complete the following 27-21-15-9-3 reps workout with 1.5km of running Running in between each round.

27 reps of Thrusters and Burpees
1.5km Run

21 reps of Thrusters and Burpees
1.5km Run

15 reps of Thrusters and Burpees
1.5km Run

9 reps of Thrusters and Burpees
1.5km Run

3 reps of Thrusters and Burpees
1.5km Run

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Tuesday Class 6.30am

Complete a dynamic warm up inclusive of stretching and heart raisers before attempting the following workout. 45min time limit.

Complete the following Circuit of exercises for as many rounds as possible within the 45mins. Stop every 5mins to complete 7 x Rolling Deck Squats.

AMRAP Circuit

7 x Push Ups
14 x Squat Thrusts
21 x Lunges
14 x Sit Ups
7 x Elbow Plank to Push Up Plank

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Check out Rumble Racer Mark Bennett ticking off the Trapeze Cargo combination at the UKOSF Southern Time Trial Final this weekend 🦍💪🟢🟣

Footage courtesy of Turner Videos 🎥

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Thursday 6.30am class

Warm up effectively with stretches and heart raises. Once warm follow the below workout.

Complete one of the exercises from the 100 rep list for 100 reps. Then complete 1 round of the circuit. Repeat for as many rounds as possible in 45mins.

100 List.
- Jumping Jacks
- Squat Thrusts
- Plank Jacks
- Shoulder Taps
- Squats

1. 5 x Rolling Deck Squats
2. 10 x Burpees
3. 15 x Push Ups
4. 20 x Lunges
5. 25 x Sit Ups

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