Fitness Classes


Our fitness classes are based on the RumbleFIT concept of functional training and are aimed at all levels of fitness, from anyone who is new to exercise right through to the seasoned athletes.


RumbleFIT classes and membership take the members through a structured system of training that:

  • Makes sure they can move appropriately
  • Control their own bodyweight in exercise
  • Build a series of movement patterns that will help them to be able to take on
  • more advanced movements and exercises as they progress

This structure ensures that all the members are safe when they exercise and that they are also working to the correct level of intensity and similar throughout their training. There are 4 levels that a member can choose to work through and this should see each person make great improvements in their training and reach their goals.

Our classes are structured in such a way that a members previous experience or fitness level is irrelevant.

If you are new to exercise the Instructors will spend more time with you perfecting your form and technique, and where necessary ensure there are regressions of exercises to make sure you get an effective and safe workout.

If you are more advanced or experienced then you will have progressions and choices of weights to keep the continual progressions in your training.

Ultimately RumbleFIT is a series of small sized functional training classes designed to help ALL of the participants improve their daily life through their fitness improvements in a safe and structured manner.