We pride ourselves on providing top quality facilities built fit for purpose and bespoke to the training packages that we offer.


We are an industry leader in Obstacle training and set the highest standards.
We currently have the only coaches in the country that have taken a training course in Obstacle Coaching and have the strictest of criteria determining our coaches’ status. All coaches are put through a strict training programme and must pass assessments to allow them to operate as technical coaches. We have revolutionised the way that participants train by providing a training system that follows a grading criteria to help with goal setting along with self-risk assessment again highlighted how we think about the best pathways of training for our participants at Rumble Fitness.


This is further enhanced when it comes to the facilities themselves for training “OCR”. We have second to none training rigs and equipment which allows us to regress exercises in a way that we can simplify the basics of the movements we are teaching to allow for level of capability of the participant. Our regression obstacles are purpose built and cannot be found anywhere else in the country. We also look at the progressions of our teachings and have several ways of developing our sessions to suit those of a higher technical ability and strength.

Our centre and the coaches that run the sessions are of industry leading standard, are primarily indoors allowing for free practice and development without weather complications to ensure the skills can be thoroughly practiced to a high competency before adding the stimulus of weather conditions as a factor. We have added safety measures such as lower height options, crash matting and supported learning at all times to help build confidence and minimise the risks to the participant during the learning phase.

We cater for 99% of the Obstacles you could come across in any OCR including High and Low rigs, Monkey bars, Ropes, Ninja Warrior style obstacles, rope swings, trapeze bars, traverse ropes and many more. Safety is paramount at Rumble and regular Health and Safety checks are completed on our equipment along with daily checklists to give even more confidence to those taking part in training.


Rumble Fitness doesn’t just stop at Obstacle Training. We have one of the finest and most challenging bootcamp zones around, The Rumble Proving Grounds.

A purpose built bootcamp that is a cross between Strongman style training and a military training course this bootcamp will test the fittest of individuals, but fear not, its not all brawn and muscle at our bootcamp. We host beginners through to elites with a series of different weights available to use it’s the perfect training zone for ANYONE. Our instructors are amazing at what they do and can adapt any session to make it fit your level and training goals!

The Proving Grounds provide an opportunity for anyone to enjoy the benefits of resistance training, Hiit, Strength and even straight cardio so there is no reason to not claim your free pass and see what the Rumble Proving Grounds have to offer you. Get in touch now to redeem your FREE CLASS PASS.


The fact we have welcomed some of the best athletes in this country to train at the Rumble Barn is a testimant to how high the standard is, alongside that add our brilliant members and friends ranging from 8 to 68 years of age and you have the perfect mix of Obstacle enthusiasts…so no matter whether you are seasoned professional or a complete beginner…we can make it work for you.